Keynote Preview

September 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

We are thrilled to welcome Vincent DeSantis as our Keynote speaker this year. A City court judge, active community member, and Author of the highly regarded book, Toward Civic Integrity, Re-establishing the Micropolis, DaSantis is a thought leader in urban revitalization.
Here is a preview of what is in store for the Keynote Address:
Mother nature has produced marvels by the millions, but none as complex and full of creative potential as the human mind.  When free people are able to connect with one another and express their hopes and dreams, they inspire each others imaginations and spark cooperative action. This is the dynamic that built the first cities and ignited the torch of civilization.
Today, a global economic system populated by powerful corporations has become so efficient at providing for our wants and needs that our creative instincts have become dormant.  We have cast ourselves in the role of consumers instead of inspired citizens.  Our distraction has left our communities fragmented and weakened.
But our innate ability to re-create that social dynamic is still with us.  Moreover, breakthroughs in technology and our deeper understanding of what constitutes human well-being and quality of life have given us the power to re-build the integrity of our cities to be better than they have ever been.
What are we waiting for?
~Vincent DeSantis, Keynote Speaker,
New York State Neighborhood Revitalization Conference 2013