The following workshops will be offered at the conference:

Banana Peels and People Power: Compost, Sustainability, and Community Organizing
Presenter: Abby Lublin and Troy Compost

This workshop will present the story of Troy Compost – how residents have come together to organize better waste practices in Troy without spending a penny. Troy Compost not only hustles to establish better recycling and composting practices at all scales, but also provides a model of civic engagement and participatory governance for any issue that a city faces. Through Troy Compost’s efforts, the City of Troy has already realized financial savings and has begun better management of its material and human resources.

Opportunities for Big Change
Presenter: Amy Klein, Executive Director, Capital District Community Gardens

Our communities are faced with big challenges – poverty, unemployment, debilitating health crises. These challenges require multi-pronged, coordinated and innovative approaches. Learn how Capital District Community Gardens’ programs are bringing fresh healthy food into our neighborhoods with their Veggie Mobiles, Healthy Convenience Store Initiative, and Squash Hunger Program. And, discover how working on the year-round urban farm at The Produce Project is providing youth with life-changing skills.

If We Can Make It There:  A Food Co-op’s Secrets to Success in a Small City
Presenter: Chris Curro, Crystal Stewart, Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market

General Manager Chris Curro and Board of Trustees Member Crystal Stewart offer their “Top 10” reasons why Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market, a natural and local foods co-op with a gourmet flavor, has defied expectations to become a driving economic force for change within downtown Gloversville.

Everyone’s Architecture: A Call to Defend Sacred Sites
Presenter Michael Lopez, TAP

TAP, Inc. will conduct a community conversation about the critical need of the entire community to take a vested interest in our sacred sites, owned by congregations that are thriving, those that are declining and those that are forced to close their house of worship.

The forum will emphasize the work of congregations that use their building as a rallying point by considering it an important part of their ministries and welcoming uses, interest and possible funds from all members of the community.

Online Community Project Management: Project Nexus
Presenter: Anasha Cummings, Project Nexus Inc.

The mission of Nexus is to change the way the world Connects, Collaborates and Contributes.
They do this by providing an array of tools for managing and developing projects in your community.
To be best prepared for this workshop, check out their website and submit a project idea here.

Building Civic Capacity through Public Deliberation
Presenter: Dr. Peter R. Sawyer, Department Chair and Director of the Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement, Hudson Valley Community College, Troy

Solving the critical problems of our communities can be overwhelming given the political discourse and economic tensions that exist. Public deliberation, a process of moderated discussions, allows people to come together and genuinely engage in public problem solving. It can help to create opportunities for citizens to engage with one another and to collaborative in meaningful social and political change ( See

Tech Valley Center of Gravity: Re-Thinking Community-Based Business Support for Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs
Presenter: Laban Coblentz, Tech Valley Center of Gravity

A transformational model for “manufacturing innovation” is emerging in downtown Troy. Is it a business incubator? Not exactly, but it’s creating jobs and supporting new companies at a record pace, while also serving as a magnet for inventors, artists, tinkerers, and “creators” of all ages and disciplines. This workshop will explore the challenges and advantages of the Center of Gravity model, with a focus on “What’s next?”


Youth Court – What is is, How it works, Why it works
Presenter: Marilyn Morey, Community Outreach Coordinator/Victim 

This workshop will provide an overview of what Youth Courts are as a diversion for first-time juvenile offenders of low-level offenses. The operations of typical Youth Courts will be described, including the process of Youth Court hearings and sentencings, staffing and budget and volunteer support. Finally, information and documentation will be shared on the successes of Youth Courts.

Beyond TV: WMHT’s Commitment to Community Engagement
Presenter: Jenn Baumstein, Community Engagement Coordinator, WMHT Educational Telecommunications.

WMHT Educational Telecommunications is both your local PBS station, and a resource for the Greater Capital Region. Join Community Engagement Coordinator, Jenn Baumstein, in a discussion of the new direction of our station. Come play with the tools we are using to place the community at the center of our work as we embrace the new solutions that will be needed to serve our evolving communities.


DIY Mural Painting in the Lobby: Troy Alley Action 


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